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Who We Are
« on: January 08, 2012, 12:31:51 AM »

The-Damned.net is the 3rd home of the Planetside, Johari/Markov, NC Outfit, Legion of the Damned. We are the members that joined at various points in time during the outfit's time of activity, going well past the shake up that occurred when individuals decided to go to either Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, other games, or joined various outfits that had a bigger player base.

Everyone here as of this posting are members of the outfit in Planetside, though our activity in that game has dropped to zero due to soe's handling of the game. During the years we have individually or in small groups joined other games, including EVE online where we flew under the tag of LotDx, with the corp name of "Army of the Damned" as some bastard took the outfit's name, shelved it and would not release the name. We have also joined World of Tanks, League of Legends, and The Old Republic.

Some of the members of the outfit are on the forum, others are on voice chat and connected through the games. Others may be an email away from contact. Hopefully others will continue to do searches online and find their way here.

This forum was started as the 2nd Legion of the Damned forum, armyofthedamned.com, died well over a year ago for unknown reasons. That forum was created due to problems that were either ignored, or beyond repair with the original LotD forum run by one of the members on his personal server. What happened to the original forum is, as of this posting, unknown.

All members of the outfit are welcome, regardless of any old shit. Regardless if you joined another outfit for the remainder of your time in Planetside. Regardless if you fell off the face of the Earth and just got back. It is also for any outfit friendlies still out there, either individuals or from outfits such as TOG, Dadfather's old crew The Horde, Section 9, and others. It is also for those that may have joined us in any of the games we have played since then.

We wait for the release of Planetside 2, being issued a new Jackhammer, Vanguards and shown purple and reds that need to be dead. Welcome home...

oh... and one last thing....